Who Did 'The Creepiest Television Hack' of All Time?

The Max Headroom signal intrusion hack is one of those hacker legends that seems too good to be true: In 1987, an unknown group hacked into the signal of local Chicago TV channel WGN-TV. 25 years later, Vice's Motherboard blog has published a fascinating investigation into who pulled off the still unsolved crime. » 12/04/13 1:05pm 12/04/13 1:05pm

Big Data Company Pays Insultingly Small Amount For Our Personal Info

We hear a lot about how valuable our personal information in the age of social networking. There are all these tools to help us calculate how much our Twitter account is "worth" and movements to get Facebook to pay for our data. But, it turns out, our personal information is just worth pennies to the largest… » 11/26/13 1:04pm 11/26/13 1:04pm

What Was On Alleged Silk Road Boss' Laptop At The Moment of His Arrest

Ross Ulbricht, the 30-year-old California geek accused of running the massive underground drug market Silk Road, was logged into Silk Road's customer support control panel the moment he was arrested in a San Francisco public library, according to new court documents filed federal prosecutors. And there are the… » 11/21/13 2:30pm 11/21/13 2:30pm

Popular ​Dark Net Drug Market Users Outed by Journalists

In the aftermath of the shuttering of the notorious black market Silk Road, the race has been on to fill the multi-million dollar hole left in the underground online drug trade. One of the most established of these sites is Black Market Reloaded, where thousands of users trade drugs anonymously—they think. But here's… » 11/18/13 1:25pm 11/18/13 1:25pm

After 30 Years of Silence, the Original NSA Whistleblower Looks Back

The four-story brownstone at 141 East 37th Street in Manhattan has no remarkable features: a plain building on a quiet tree-lined street in the shadow of the Empire State Building. In the summer of 1920, Herbert O. Yardley, a government codebreaker, moved in with a gang of math geniuses and began deciphering… » 11/12/13 1:51pm 11/12/13 1:51pm

Facebook Cracks Down On Sepia-Toned Instagram Drug Deals

It's an internet law that any new social media technology will instantly be used to buy and sell drugs. I've come across allegations of drug trades on Facebook, Topix, Craigslist, and, of course various Dark Net forums like Silk Road. Now Instagram is in the spotlight for apparently being a hotbed of artfully-filtered… » 11/07/13 2:40pm 11/07/13 2:40pm

Alleged Silk Road Boss Makes First Court Appearance In New York

Ross Ulbricht, alleged founder of the online drug market Silk Road, appeared briefly in court today for the first time since being transferred to New York City. According to Forbes' Andy Greenberg, he didn't say much, but his lawyer Joshua Dratel told reporters that Ulbricht wasn't Dread Pirate Roberts, the pseudonym… » 11/06/13 4:19pm 11/06/13 4:19pm

Edward Snowden's New Job Is Doing Tech Support for Russia's Facebook…

» 11/01/13 10:58am 11/01/13 10:58am